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My Playlist

By little4blondie · March 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Music is a pretty big part of my life.  From playing the piano to listening to my Ipod, music surrounds me constantly.  Anyway, I decided to compile a list of my absolute favorite songs.  Enjoy!

  • 1901- Phoenix
  • Always Love- Nada Surf
  • Angel- Akon
  • Another Heart Calls- All American Rejects
  • Ballad of You and I- Melee
  • Beautiful is Gone- The Ruse
  • Black and Gold- Sam Sparro
  • Chasing Pavements- Adele
  • Closer to Love- Mat Kearney
  • Dance Inside- All American Rejects
  • Dignity- New Politics
  • Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade
  • Give You Back- Vertical Horizon
  • Greener- Tally Hall
  • Hanging By a Moment- Lifehouse
  • Have a Little Faith in Me- John Hiatt
  • Human- The Killers
  • Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice (it's a classic)
  • Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
  • Just the Girl- Click Five
  • Kids- MGMT
  • Look After You- The Fray
  • Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls
  • Rhythm of Love- Plain White T's
  • Rooftops- Lost Prophets
  • She's Got You High- Mumm-Ra
  • Signal Fire- Snow Patrol
  • Staring Down- Collective Soul
  • Stay- Safety Suit
  • Stolen- Dashboard Confessional
  • Sweet Disposition- Temper Trap
  • Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
  • Walkie Talkie Man- Steriogram
  • Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
  • Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
By little4blondie · March 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I'm tired of all the nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want---an adorable pancreas?

<p>Jean Kerr

Patty's Day Trivia

By little4blondie · March 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Do you think you know everything there is about St. Patrick's Day?

Take this quiz to find out!

A Long Way Gone-- Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

By little4blondie · September 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It is very rare to encounter a memoir that contains anything but sadness, pain, and horror.  But, Ishmael Beah's account offers something completely different: hope.  As you may have guessed, A Long Way Gone is the true story of one boy's struggle to escape the war that destroyed his homeland.  The pages are filled with the unthinkable acts committed by the rebels and the Sierra Leone soldiers, along with the young Ishmael Beah's role in the war.  You will read of the horrors he witnessed, the relationships that were destroyed, his desire to survive, and most importantly, what it means to be human.

This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read.  It was written so honestly and without any self-pity that you almost forget that you're looking through the eyes of a teenage boy.  This book taught me what courage really is and how you must never stop fighting.  If you haven't read this book, you must.  It will change your entire outlook on life.

Before I Bite the Dust--- 28 of the items on my bucket list

By little4blondie · September 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

You know how we all say that we're going to do something before we die?  Well, I've noticed that I've been saying those words a lot lately and pretty soon I'm going to forget every single thing that I want to do because there's just too many of them to keep track of inside my head.  So, I've decided to list all of the things I want to accomplish before I expire.

  • Set foot on all seven continents
  • Cross the country on a bicycle
  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Learn to surf
  • Go on a safari
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Travel along the Grand Canal in Venice
  • Attend Octoberfest in Munich
  • Go skydiving
  • Cliff dive
  • See a Broadway show
  • Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
  • Drive a Smart-car
  • See the Easter Island heads
  • Cross the country using only public transportation
  • Stand at the North Pole
  • See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Go paint balling
  • Attend a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans
  • Visit the Australia Zoo
  • Climb the Trango Towers
  • Go scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef
  • See the Easter Island Heads
  • Learn to juggle
  • Adopt a dog from an animal shelter
  • Travel to an errupting volcano
  • Publish a book
  • Learn another language


These are some of the things I want to do before I bite the dust.  Have anything you would like to add?  Feel free to comment below.

By little4blondie · September 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

<p>John F. Kennedy

Go Green, Save Some Green

By little4blondie · September 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

     More and more people these days are "going green"--that is, changing their lifestyle to benefit the environment.  Not only can going green help the environment, but it can also help your wallet.  Check out the following tips to save some green, while going green.

1. Lower your thermostat.  This one simple thing can cut out a huge chunk in your energy bill. Most people have their thermostats set at temperatures much too high.  Try this: in the summer, set your heater for about 78F and 68F in the winter.  This helps your bills and the environment.

2. Plastic warp your windows.  Most people are not aware of how much heat goes out their windows during the winter.  When you start turning your heat on, take big sheets of plastic wrap (you can find them at Home Depot or Lowe's) and tape them along the edges of your window as tight as you can without tearing it.  This prevents the heat from seeping through the tiny cracks between the frame and the window panes, saving you money and cutting back on the fuel used to heat your house in the first place.

3. Use Fluorescent Bulbs. Switch as many lightbulbs as you can to fluorsecent ones.  You can find them basically anywhere.  Fluorescent bulbs use less energy then normal bulbs, helping your wallet and the environment.  Just watch and see what this does for your energy bill!

4. Unplug electronics.  Leaving your computer running over night does not help your energy bills at all.  If you're not using it, then what's the point in having it run and use up electricity?  Simply turn it off before you go to bed.  Also, some people have a habit of leaving their cellphone chargers pluged in when their phone is not even charging.  Again, a waste of energy.  If you're not using it then just unplug it.  It's as simple as that.

5. Plant a tree.  Planting a tree does more than offer landscaping ideas.  Trees are responsible for making most of the oxygen we breathe everyday.  In addition, they also take carbon dioxide out of the air, which is contributing to the Green House Effect.  So, why wouldn't you want to plant a tree?

6. Use fans instead of A.C.  Fans use a fraction of the energy that your air conditioner uses.  Why crank up the A.C. to cool a room that can be cooled by simply opening a window and using a fan?  To me, it just makes more sense to go with a fan instead.

7. Dry your clothes using solar energy and wind.  Instead of throwing your wet clothes into the drying machine on a nice day, hang them on a clothesline outside.  The sun and wind will take care of drying your clothing in only a few hours without using any energy at all.  You can buy rope to make a clothesline at any hardware store.

8. Carpool.  Why not get a ride from a co-worker or a student?  You're going to the same place so why would you want to use twice the gas that's needed?  Plus, on the highway there's always the carpool lane which can be ten times faster than the other lanes, saving you from spending countless hours stuck in traffic.

9. Recycle.  I'm sure you've heard this one a million times, but seriously, you have to do it.  You can recycle anything from ink cartridges to paper to glass to plastic.  I have even seen a machine that will take your plastic bottles and give you money in return in several supermarkets.  Find a place near you and get involved.

10. Use a cloth shopping bag.  Plastic bags are not biodegradable.  Plus, the ink on the bags can be toxic when it's released.  Paper could be a good alternative because it is biodegradable, but half the time it's not recycled paper, so you're actually doing more harm when you use it than you think you are.  Instead, use a cloth bag that you can use over and over again.  Or, if your purchase is small and lightweight, carry it or put it in your purse.

    There are obviously more than ten ways to help the environment and your wallet.  That's where you come in.  Have any ideas or suggestions? List them below to help promote a cleaner world for the next generation.

Jim VS Edward

By little4blondie · September 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
     Even though the first Twilight movie came out several years ago, there are still millions of girls who spend their time fantasizing about Edward Cullen, a mysterious vampire who falls in love with a seventeen year old girl.  They say he's the perfect guy, with his good looks, rock hard abs, and the fact that he would risk his life to protect the girl he loves.  I have to admit that those qualities would make a guy pretty perfect.  But, there are also those people who hear the word vampire and roll their eyes, saying that anyone who spends their time dreaming about a fictional character needs to get out more.  Girls these days need a guy closer to reality, someone who has the qualities that they should look for in a real guy.  Those qualities are: smart, funny, outgoing, sweet, and thoughtful, someone like Jim Halpert from The Office.  Yes, I know that he is not real as well, but if girls are looking for their dream guy then they should search for a guy more like him.  Throughout the many episodes of The Office, we see Jim constantly doing nice things for Pam and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he likes her, despite the fact that she's engaged.  That probably would have stopped many guys in their tracks, but Jim is not like any guys.  He never stopped caring for Pam.  Now, here's a question for you.  Would you rather have a smoking hot vampire or a super understanding, sweet guy?  Let me be more clear.  Would you rather have a Jim to your Pam or an Edward to your Bella?

I Think I'll Go to Boston

By little4blondie · September 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Boston is one of the greatest cities on earth.  Not only does it have amazing historical sites, but it also has great museums and shopping centers.  Anything you can possibly imagine can be found in this city.  The bad thing about that, however, is that you can never decide what to do.  Lucky for you, you have me and I have listed below some of my favorite places to go during a visit to Boston:

1. The Garment District: The clothing here ranges from the 20's to the present.  In addition to selling vintage clothing, there is also a section of the store where you can fill a bag full of clothes and pay $1.50 per pound.  So basically, you can buy five items for $2.  That's a pretty good deal if you ask me!  This store is absolutely amazing if you're looking for a new trend to try and don't want to go overboard with the prices.  Check out their website:  http://www.garment-district.com/

2. Faneuil Hall: I'm sure you've heard of this place a million times, but seriously, you need to check  it out.  It has both historical and shopping value.  In 1762, this site was used for town meetings and protests against taxes on the colonies.  Today, the building has been expanded and is filled with market stalls.  In addition,  Faneuil Hall is surrounded by many plaques and monuments, keeping the building's history alive.

3. New England Aquarium: This aquarium is unlike any other in the entire world.  Its goal is to increase people's understanding of the importance of sea life and how it affects everyone alive on this planet.  It has multiple habitats and over one hundred speices of sea animals.  Plus, the penguins are absolutely adorable.  You don't want to miss out!

4. Curious George Store in Harvard Square:  This is the best store if you want to relive some childhood memories.  It is filled with everything from books to toys to knick-knacks for toddlers and young adults.  You will be lost in the shelves, wishing you were a kid again,

5. Franklin Park Zoo: This zoo is open year-round, so you don't have to wait for the summer months to visit.  How great is that?  Some of the animals you can see there are: gorillas, mandrills, ocelots, lemurs, hippopotamuses, dozens of birds, lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and over two hundred other species.  This is one experience you do not want to miss!

6. Rabia's: Named the best Italian restaurant in 2006, this cozy eatery combines Italian and Mediteranean dishes, giving you the ultimate dining out experience.  Their dishes range from pasta to lobster, and all are very delicious.  The best part? Rabia's is not well know yet, so you can get a table in practically no time at all.

7. Urban Renewals: This has often been called the best thrift store in the entire city.  Each clothing rack is organized by color, making it easier for you to find your perfect piece and the staff are super helpful.  They have items ranging from kitchenware to highend designers for prices next to nothing.  You will not be disappointed!

There you have it.  If you're looking for the ultimate Boston experience, I highly suggest you hit one of the places listed above.  Feel free to comment on any other suggestions you may have.

By little4blondie · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

If I Had A Million Dollars....

By little4blondie · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Everyone has heard the classic song If I Had a Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies, which describes certain things that they would buy if they had a million dollars.  I heard this song recently and I started thinking about what I would do if I had a million dollars. I would....

  1. Buy a new ipod that does not have a huge gash on the screen
  2. See the All American Rejects in a private concert
  3. Get a one-way ticket to Italy and spend the summer exploring the country
  4. Go on a HUGE shopping trip
  5. Get an apartment in Boston
  6. Go bungee jumping or skydiving or both
  7. Buy a boat and sail around the world
  8. Buy a grand piano
  9. Buy a house in view of Mount Rainier
  10.  Add a stable to that house at Mount Rainier and fill it with horses and other animals
  11.  Rent out Disney World for an entire day
  12.  Make a generous donation to a charity
  13.  Study abroad in Australia or Ireland
  14.  Build a librarie and fill it with books on every subject
  15.  Make a donation towards cancer research
  16.  Buy a fuel efficient car
  17.   Buy a really really really nice digital camera
  18.  Go on a cruise
  19.  Go to a very good college
  20.  Put it in savings


Well there you have it.  That's what I would do if I had a million dollars.  There's no doubt that all of these things would cost more than a million dollars, but you get the general idea.  What would you do?  Feel free to comment below.

By little4blondie · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Fact. Bears eat beats. Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica

<p>Jim Halpert, The Office

How Good Is Your Aussie Slang?

By little4blondie · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Want to embrace your inner Aussie? Take the quiz below to see how well you know Australian slang.

Will the Celtics' Roster Measure Up?

By little4blondie · September 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

     Like any other team in the NBA, the Celtics are always looking for some new blood to bring a little more life to their team.  This season, they have added several new members to their bench, including Shaquille O'Neal.  As you probably know, Shaq previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers but came to the Celtics because he "wanted to be with a team that was used to winning."  At the age of 38, Shaq has lost quite a bit of his fire and magic that he had before.  He only averaged about ten points a game last season playing for the Cavs, but I don't think those 10 points are going to help the Celtics get the wins they want.  His age has definitely slowed him down some and his fighting between other players could cause for a distraction on the court.  Of course, some good things could also come from this trade.  Shaq's height would be of a huge advantage.  Hopefully, he'll help the Celtics grab more rebounds, put up second shots, and close off the middle.  But is it enough to help the Celtics get a winning season?  Looks like we'll find out when the preseason kicks off on October 6.

Real World Has Shocked New Orleans

By little4blondie · September 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

       The popular tv show Real World has moved to its new location, the exciting city of New Orleans.  Now, the trick to this show is the cast members.  There's the ex-rehab member Knight, the pretty Florida girl, McKenzie, the fun gay guy, Preston, the cool-headed mediator, Eric, the singer, Sahar, the active volunteer, Ashlee, and the flirt, Jemmye.  But, of course, no show would be complete without a little bit of drama.  In this case, it is Ryan.  He's the drug stealing, lying, lazy, overreacting, bizarre roommate.  He also comes with some interesting habits, which include: blowdrying himself, playing with people's ears, and chasing his roommates while he's naked.  And can I just say, what is up with his hair? It's not attractive.  My all time favorite Ryan moment was when he called the cops on Preston for peeing on his toothbrush.  First of all, you don't call the police, who are out there fighting real criminals, for a problem you have with your roommates.  Be a man and take care of it yourself.  I also loved how he tried to be all tough guy when Preston came home, saying that he was going to beat him up and such, but he didn't do a thing.  Oh, Ryan.  He most definitely keeps things interesting. 

If you haven't watched Real World you MUST start.  It's the best show out there if you're looking for a little bit of entertainment and some laughs.  If you missed some episodes or want to get caught up, MTV has some episodes available on their website.



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